Sunday, October 19, 2008

Today's Thank You's

Before this week coming at me, I want to stop and thank those who are currently making life easier for me and make the sale a success:

Emily, Annie, Bethanne, Tim and Nate for getting the yard ready for the sale.

Venessa and Jen for contacting their world's about donations.

Domestic Bliss/Blissfest for letting us promote the SALE at their event yesterday.

Emily Heap and Bethanne Johnson for their Raffle Donation for Hair Cuts and Styles.

Emily and Bethanne for giving up sleep to make barettes for the SALE.

Jonathon for mailing me CD's from his non-profit foundation.

Family's who I didn't get their name who are dropping off stuff. =)

Higher Ground Dance Company for passing out fliers.

Supports who have contacted me about helping next week. =)

Everyone who forwarded my HELP! email to family and friends.

Tantrum Hair Salon/Beth Jarman for the Bumble and Bumble Product for the Raffle.

Tyler Johnson Photography for the Christmas Pictures Photo Shoot Donation.

Ned's Crazy Sub's $25 gift card for the Raffle.

These are the people can remember off the top of my head. There are so many more.

PLEASE continue to drop off donations for the Garage Sale, Boutique, Raffle and Bake Sale.


1 comment:

Carolyn said...

a blog?? ok out-doer! I love it. so i'm back from mexico and ready to work. I'll o do my best this week to round up last minute donations from gilbert and bring them, and pink fanny (of course), to you ;)