Thursday, October 30, 2008

Golden Slumber

It will take some time to get the pictures I want and post all I want to about the NIE Sale at my house last Saturday.

So I will wait to do that, for now.

I want to jump right to an incredible evening Emily, Lynn and I spent at the Mindy Gledhill Benefit Concert. I'm sure our lack of sleep from skipping the whole sleep sceee the night before prepping for the Garage Sale intensified the need, but Emily and I BAWLED during several of the songs. Here is the YouTube link to an audience member's video of Stephanie and Christian's oldest two children singing. Emily and I went out and bought the baby lullaby CD that Mindy sings Golden Slumber on a few days later.

(Get some Kleenex before you hit play. I'm not kidding.)

Here is a link to the professional company's version. It is very clear sound and picture. Claire and Jane's expressions are priceless.

Claire, Jane and Mindy sing a lullaby Stephanie would sing to them.

Sweet Dreams...

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