Thursday, October 9, 2008

AZ Community Charity Garage Sale - MESA

With everything that is going on in life; personally, politically and economically, it seems that there is very little in the world that is PURE BLISS.

But let me tell the world, the HOURS and HOURS Emily and I spent collecting, preparing, sorting, setting up, running the sale, cleaning up and hauling everything up to Mesa (in addition to the DAYS and DAYS of HOURS and HOURS that CAROLYN and her friends and family spent) were PURE BLISS!

I shed so many tears speaking with people who do not know the Nielsons. These amazing people were so GRATEFUL to be able to donate items to the event, shop at the event or flat out donate cash. PURE GRATITUDE!

One woman handed me $40 for a $5 item and told me to keep the rest. As I thanked her she told me how it was her pleasure, as she would hope that if something happened to her children, people would do the same for them.

People jotted down Christian and Stephanie's names to be able to PRAY for them by name.

People asked for another event to be able to donate items, shop again and so we could continue to raise awareness of this sweet family.

I cried (bawled may be more accurate) that night-with my swollen feet, less than flexible knees and bloodshot eyes from staying up the entire night before)-as I told my husband that I had a WONDERFUL day. I shared that every once of energy that was spent on this, was so worth it. I told him I got to experience the PURE LOVE of the people I worked with and the people that attended the sale and donated to it.

As beat up as I was physically, I committed to do it again.

So - here we go again.

But this time in MESA. In the Nielson's "Backyard". (To be clear, it's in my yard!)

AND this event comes with a CHALLENGE from the folks that ran the Gilbert Sale.

They raised just over $5,000 at their sale. They want to know if the exact community where Christian was born and raised can BEAT THEIR TOTAL.

So what do you say MESA?

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