Thursday, September 25, 2008

For Good

I got these messages this past week from two friends of mine.

Connie Walker Harris sent this to me on facebook:

Miss Jolleen...I have been following this Nie situation b/c of your Facebook page. I read some of her blog, and just feel terrible about the whole situation. We are keeping her and her husband in our prayers and have donated to the Nie Recovery Fund! See, Facebook really is a miraculous thing!

Sarah Allen emailed this to me:
I don't know this family but I've actually followed their story and seen the huge amounts of support that so many people and communities have given. It's so amazing to see what people can do.

I would love to donate some items. I'll go thru my house and see what's not being used. I can also go thru Sophie's clothes and get rid of stuff that's too small. I take really good care of her clothes so every thing I donate will be in good condition. I wont have tons to donate bc I actually took a huge load to Goodwill a few months ago.

I can also bake some stuff for the bake sale too - cookies, brownies. It's so awesome that you're doing this. :) Thanks for letting me help out. I'll pass this email on to family/friends.


All of the support the Nielsons and Clarks have gotten the past month, they have attributed to the blogging world. As these two sweet notes prove, life is what we make it. Even the Internet can be FOR GOOD.

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